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What Court Services Does Commercial Process Serving, Inc. Offer?

When needing legal services fulfilled, it is a priority to complete the job correctly and efficiently. That’s why the team at Commercial Process Serving, Inc. is proud to offer an array of court services to help you get your job done faster and with peace of mind.

Below we highlight the variety of court services offered by Commercial Process Serving, Inc..

Concierge E-Filings

This type of e-filing service takes our customer’s worries away. As e-filing has become the norm for many courts, this task can be cumbersome to ensure that the right paperwork is being filed and received by a deadline. Additionally, while e-filing is considered a safe method of transferring information when utilizing concierge e-filing, you are hiring a service provider to complete this task for you.

There are several benefits to concierge e-filing including:

  • Not sweating the small stuff. Concierge e-filing means you give our team the information and we handle the rest. There’s no need to worry about whether or not the submitted documents
  • Accuracy. It can be easy to make a small, but significant error, especially if you do not have to e-file often. At Commercial Process Serving, Inc., submitting documents through e-filing is something we do on a daily basis. You can count on our team to accurately transfer your documents to their destination. On the off chance that there would be an issue, with concierge e-filing, that would be a problem we would solve without you having to make a correction.
  • Quick Turnaround. With e-filing, you already know your document will be processed faster than a traditional in-person submission. But with concierge e-filing, this process is even more streamlined because we have all the necessary information at our fingertips to submit your documents as soon as possible.
  • Rush Service. Even with a quick turnaround, sometimes documents need to be delivered even more quickly. With rush services as an option, you can feel comforted knowing your information is being sent to where it needs to go right away.

What Can an E-Filing Portal Do?

Using an e-filing portal gives you the ability to not only file documents yourself but gives you real-time information regarding the status of your submission. Not only do you have 24/7 access to the portal, but users have the ability to eServe, manage their cases, and get any additional copies necessary at their leisure.

Federal, State courts and Public Office Filings

Sometimes documents need to be sent to more than one location or multiple documents need to be sent to multiple locations. This can be time-consuming and exhausting, especially if you are unfamiliar with the processes of each organization.

When working with Commercial Process Serving, Inc. we take the worry away as we work with dozens of federal and state courts to submit a variety of critical documents. Additionally, we not only offer services within California but throughout parts of the United States.

Court Research and Retrieval

If your office is in need of copies of a civil, criminal, or country recorder document, whether it be with a state or federal court, the team at Commercial Process Serving, Inc. can retrieve that for you. Rather than figuring out who you need to contact and making sure you get to a location to pick up documents before the courts close, our team has the relationships and expertise to quickly get these documents for you.

Subpoena Preparation

Not all subpoenas are prepared the same, even if there is a familiar format. We understand that when preparing a subpoena, the information must be correct and done in a timely manner. As soon as you contact the partners at Commercial Process Serving, Inc. to assist with your subpoena preparation, we will work hard to ensure that your document is submitted and completed correctly.

How Else Can Commercial Process Serving, Inc. Support Your Team?

Support for court services is a critical part of our business, but at Commercial Process Serving, Inc. we also offer other services including photocopying and duplication, skip trace services, and more.

Contact our experienced team today to see how we can help you with your legal service needs.