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E-Recording Services Offered at Commercial Process Serving, Inc.

Documents have been publicly recorded for centuries. Not surprisingly, recording these documents has evolved. In the past few years, electronic recording is becoming the new norm.

What is E-Recording?

Electronic recording (also known as e-recording) is the electronic creation, submission and recording of land ownership records. This process is much more than just a paper document being uploaded electronically — multiple technologies are needed and utilized so that individuals can manipulate the electronic document (such as creating it, signing it, and archiving it, for example). In almost all cases, an original document does not need to be submitted — everything is produced and processed electronically.

How E-Recording Works

While there may be slight differences between counties in submitting an e-recorded document, everyone follows a general process.


There wouldn’t be a need for e-recording without creating the document. There are many ways a document can be created and there are specific protocols needed to be followed depending on the record.


Any document must be signed by the appropriate parties and then notarized to be considered a legally binding document.

Submission and Acknowledgement

The document is then submitted electronically. Unlike sending a document in the mail and hoping it gets to the recipient, when filing an e-recording, you will receive an acknowledgment that your document has been successfully (or, in some cases, unsuccessfully) uploaded. Having this acknowledgment in real-time gives you peace of mind. Additionally, if there was an error transferring the document, you’ll receive that information right away, saving you time.

Have Questions About E-Recording Services?

E-recording is meant to bring ease to users — and it does! Countless hours that would have been spent on the physical recording of documents can now be done with a click on a keyboard. But utilizing e-recordings is not something you want to handle alone. A mistake on the document can mean more work for you and put you behind your deadline.

The team at Commercial Process Serving, Inc. is ready to assist you with your e-recording needs. With nearly 30 years of experience, our e-recording professionals know what it takes to make sure your documents are submitted correctly and on time. Reach out to us today to see how we can help you.