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The Benefits of Using Commercial Process Serving, Inc. for Reprographics Services

Commercial Process Serving, Inc. is the go-to choice for services such as court research and retrieval, skip trace services, and eFiling. Our offices also specialize in reprographics services for your business or personal needs.

Reprographics is a general term to describe reproducing content through methods such as scanning, xeroxing, digital printing, and more. The reproduced products can come in a hard copy or digital format.

Types of Documents We Can Reproduce

At Commercial Process Serving, Inc., our Discovery Reprographics Department specializes in providing content reproduction whether it’s a single document or large volumes. This can save you valuable time so you can get back to doing your job.

We have the tools needed to reproduce materials from a variety of sources including discovery documents, pictures, x-rays, and other reports.

Our team is meticulous when it comes to working with your original material to ensure the integrity of the original record.

Types of Reprographics Services

When you use Commercial Process Serving, Inc. to reproduce records, you can expect the content to be returned in formats such as:

Hard copies — physical copies that are available in black and white or color.

CD/DVD — this cuts down on physical paper if you don’t need hard copy documents. This is also a great option if you need to give multiple copies to individuals or companies.

External drives — this can include thumb drives or similar formats that again, are a good option if you are looking to give out multiple copies of your content.

Additional Services

Bates Numbering or Other Special Endorsements

Whether this is for personal or professional use, you can count on Commercial Process Serving, Inc. to provide this service accurately and quickly so you can get your documents to where they need to go. Especially if your document is large, Bates numbering can be significantly appreciated by those receiving the document.

Binding Options

Records given back in a hard copy format can be bound together using multiple methods:

Velo binding — this is the most common way legal documents are bound. A reason this method is preferred is that the binding is secure and difficult for papers to become loose. This method uses two Velo strips that are then melted together creating a permanent bind. The only way the bind can be broken is with a tool called a Velo debinder.

Coil or wire — this is another common binding method that includes having a coil or wire on the edge of the document. Spools can be cut to specific lengths to ensure that your document is secured from top to bottom.

GBC Combs — this is a plastic material and is similar to using a coil or wire. GBC Combs can also be custom sized.

Ring binders — For individuals or businesses using binders, our team can produce documents perfect for ring binders.

Digitized Production

For records that need to be digitally replicated, look no further than Commercial Process Serving, Inc.. Whether it’s one digital material being copied to a different or same digital file, or a hard copy that needs to be digitized, our team has the experience and expertise to make this happen.

Online Secured Access

Once we’ve reproduced your records, you can go to our secure cloud server to download your materials. In many cases, your records will have a same-day turnaround. Our online server is HIPAA compliant and will give you the access you need to retrieve your documents quickly.

How to Get Started

It’s easy to get started using Commercial Process Serving, Inc. for your reprographics needs. You can visit one of our offices in Ventura and Santa Barbara or you can place a work order online. We’re also available to answer any questions you may have by calling (855) 973-0833 or reaching out through our online contact form.