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Common Questions for Our Ventura Legal Support Professionals

Offering Services in Ventura, Los Angeles and throughout California

At Commercial Process Serving, Inc., we offer a wide-range of professional services to clients throughout California. To learn more about what we do, how we can help you, and more about our Ventura process servers, read answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Records Retrieval

Read frequently asked questions about records retrieval here.

For the service you need, call (855) 973-0833 or contact us online.

Service of Process

I’d like to hire a process server, what do I need to do and how do I get my documents to your firm?

Simply download our Service of Process Request form, Client Registration form and return along with documents for service via email, fax (805-658-8170), mail, or just swing by the office. Returning customers can use our Client WebPortal to place orders online 24/7 using a fully secure and HIPAA compliant site.

How soon are my documents attempted, how many times does the server attempt service, and how much do you charge?

Like any service provider, we offer levels of priority. Standard assignments are attempted within 72 hours, while RUSH assignments are attempted within 24 hours. We also offer Special/Same day services. The process server usually makes 5 attempts at one given address; less attempts on remote locations. The goal is always to serve your documents and provide you with a Proof of Service. If unsuccessful, we will provide you with a Non-Serve Report, highlighting the results on each attempt. The cost of service of process will depend on service priority, service location and how many entities. Contact our Service of Process manager anytime for a quote. Simply provide us the details.

Do you always have to personally serve an individual?

No, it depends on the type of documents. In California, for example, a Summons and Complaint may be sub-served after due diligence (CCP 415.20).

Why should I use Commercial to serve my documents?

Commercial uses only Registered Process Servers (RPS) who have experience and knowhow. An RPS undergoes a background check and is bonded with the state of California; so their signature on your proof of service or their word in court is solid as a rock. Moreover, only when using an RPS is the cost of service a recoverable cost!

If I hire Commercial, is service of process guaranteed?

No, as good as an RPS may be, no one can force an individual to the door, or prevent them from moving or evading service. Therefore, we can only guarantee timely and smart attempts which will increase the likelihood of effectuating service successfully. We only hire and keep the best servers with the highest success rates.

How long does a process server have to serve papers?

It is the responsibility of the plaintiff to serve defendants within 60 days of filing. Turn around time after hiring a process server depends on how difficult the individual is to locate.

When do I get confirmation that my documents were or were not served?

If you provide us with an email address, you’ll receive automated confirmation email as soon as served.

Do you file the proof of service once service has been completed?

It is optional, but at an additional charge.

Are you able to search people if I do not have a physical address?

Yes! CPS offers Skip Trace Services/Locate Reports for hard to find individuals. The database used is affiliated with the credit reporting agency TransUnion and relies on public utility information. We have 90%+ success rate locating individuals, but cannot be guaranteed. The report provided can help guide you find the individual through extensive supplemental information. All we need is the individual’s name and as many as additional identifiers (DOB, last known address, spouses name, Social Security number) as possible to corroborate the data. The more information provided, the higher success rate.

What area’s do you serve/cover?

Although based in the Central Coast of California, Commercial Process Serving, Inc. offers Statewide/Nationwide coverage for all your legal support needs.

What documents are needed to serve someone?

The documents served to a defendant are a copy of the claim that the plaintiff filed with the court. The defendant must be provided with copies of all papers filed. This ensures they have a notice that a lawsuit has formally been initiated along with full documentation of what has been filed.

Court Services

I need my documents filed court, where do I begin and what type of services does CPS provide?

Commercial Process Serving, Inc. can handle any court/county recorder/county assessors request requiring submission or retrieval. Simply submit your request and we’ll handle the rest. Our seasoned court staff will review your request and promptly commence the assignment.

Do you provide Retainer services for law firms/attorneys?

Effective May 1, 2016 CPS upgraded support from the traditional retainer based service to an all new cloud based Client Portal. All orders can now be placed, tracked & downloaded online, using our fully secured, HIPAA compliant webportal.

Does your firm advance court fees?

Yes. After you opened an account and upon approved credit, CPS can any court mandated fees.

How do I receive my court copies back?

Most requests processed are submitted to court in PDF format or non-original. Upon order completion, conformed copies or records retrieved can be emailed back to you same day, downloaded from our Client Portal or mailed back if originals are necessary.

Does CPS provide eFiling services?

Yes. CPS can eFile your documents at any mandatory eFile court.

Billing Questions

What are my payment options?

CPS provides an invoice with every completed assignment. At month end, customers on approved credit will receive a monthly statement with copies of each invoice. Payment terms vary from automatic credit card billing to 15 day terms post monthly statement. All new accounts require prepayment until credit has been established.

Am I able to pay by credit card on your website?

Yes! At Commercial Process Serving, Inc. you can use our secure page to directly pay at time of your request

Comprehensive Services

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