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The Benefits of an E-Filing Portal

Now more than ever, submitting or filing information online is becoming the norm. Whether paying a bill online or signing up for an event, our world has become more accustomed to completing tasks via the internet. This also includes e-filing.

When working with Commercial Process Serving, Inc., customers are ensured the information they send is handled in a timely manner. Additionally, our secure e-filing portal makes safety and document tracing are of the utmost importance.

E-Filing Portal

Our e-filing portal stands out by offering the following amenities:

- HIPAA compliance;
- Simple login;
- User-friendly interface;
- 24/7 access;
- Ability to submit, track and manage your filings;
- Integrated billing system (one bill once a month versus multiple payments); and,
- Ability to place various orders, including subpoena prep, records retrieval, court filing orders, and more.

Submitting, Tracking, and Managing Filings

When utilizing an e-filing portal, you have the comfort of being able to be as involved as you want with your filings. With our e-filing portal, at any time you can:

- Check to see if all necessary documents were submitted;
- If the intended recipient received those documents; and,
- Make any potential corrections you need so your document can get processed as quickly as possible.


As outlined above, not only do customers have 24/7 access to review their submissions, but a simple login and user-friendly interface makes the portal easy going for all who use it. However, if you were to need assistance with the e-filing portal, the team at is available to answer any question.

Ready to Get Started with Commercial Process Serving, Inc.’s E-Filing Portal?

Getting set up with our e-filing portal is the first step to getting your documents where they need to go. When using our portal, you will comply with all the mandated e-filing courts in California — one portal for all courts.

Learn more about using e-filing services with Commercial Process Serving, Inc. here and contact us today for any additional process serving needs.