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How Does Commercial Process Serving, Inc. Streamline the Subpoena Process?

Preparing a subpoena, making sure it’s submitted in a timely manner and most importantly, filed correctly, can be a drawn-out process. With Commercial Process Serving, Inc., we streamline the subpoena process to give you peace of mind.

Subpoena Prep

At Commercial Process Serving, Inc., we have the experience to get subpoenas, authorizations, and notices all prepared for you. Each state has its own rules for subpoenas and we know what to include in each document.

Our Discovery Reprographics Department handles all subpoena preparation from beginning to end. We are a Registered Professional Photocopier (RPP) corporation and our photocopiers know the caution needed when dealing with sensitive information.

Additionally, as part of our subpoena preparation, we do the following:

  • Give notice to other parties — this can take time, especially if you can’t find the person you’re looking to subpoena. We are a TLOxp certified Skip Trace vendor and have a 95% success rate finding individuals.
  • Deposition officer assignment — we are mandated by the California Code of Civil Procedure 2020.420 to act as a disinterested third party when retrieving discovery and must follow all applicable Evidence Codes. We safely gather records, distribute them to the proper parties, and store them for everyone involved.
  • Scanning and photocopying — it’s important to have the records you need. We offer same-day service for special jobs and can offer up to 25 pages in free document transfers.

We know time is of the essence when preparing subpoenas. When using Commercial Process Serving, Inc., you will receive timely service — guaranteed.

Record Retrieval/Final Record Production

Don’t waste time searching for records yourself. At Commercial Process Serving, Inc., we can research and get copies of civil, criminal, and count recorder documents from the state and federal courts. By logging into our client portal, you’ll be able to see the status of your project no matter the time of the day.

When you’re ready to streamline the subpoena process for your business, contact Commercial Process Serving, Inc.. For nearly 20 years, our organization has focused on making life easier for those working with the court system. Contact us today to see how we can help you — (855) 973-0833.