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What is the Difference Between Self-Service and Concierge eFiling?

Efiling has become a great asset in expediting documents to courts. There are two services that Commercial Process Serving, Inc. offers which allows the customer to choose the best e-filing option for them.

What is E-Filing?

E-filing, or electronic filing, is the process of filing documents electronically. E-filing began in the 1980s and has expanded and advanced since then. E-filing paperwork goes directly to the clerk who then files the paperwork on your behalf. Especially in times of COVID and as technology around the world advances, e-filing has become the norm and preference of many courts.

Counties that our team can provide e-filing for include:

- Butte
- Calaveras
- Fresno
- Kern
- Kings
- Los Angeles
- Merced
- Monterey
- Napa
- Orange
- San Francisco
- San Mateo
- San Luis Obispo
- Stanislaus
- Santa Barbara
- Santa Clara
- Santa Cruz
- Sutter
- Yuba

What is Self-Service e-Filing?

Self-service e-filing is exactly what it sounds like — an individual filing their documents electronically on their own. There are multiple benefits to self-service e-filing:

- You’re in control of when your documents are sent in. You know when you’re filing the documents and not relying on the postal service or another provider to get your documents to the courts on time.

- Quick turnaround. By e-filing, your documents are transmitted to court faster and therefore returned faster. 

Saves time. By filing electronically, you’re saving yourself time. Rather than printing out the documents and going to the courthouse, you’re able to file electronically from a place convenient to you.

There is one disadvantage to e-filing, however. Accuracy. When you submit a document electronically, it’s hard to tell if you have everything correct on the document. You may assume everything is filled out correctly only to learn later on that it wasn’t and that delays your documents from being processed.

That’s where a concierge service can be of assistance.

What is Concierge e-Filing?

Concierge e-filing is when you allow someone else to complete the electronic filing for you. This service allows you peace of mind when needing your documents filed. By using a concierge service, you don’t have to worry about:

- accuracy — this is the biggest concern when doing self-service e-filing. If you use a concierge service, you take that worry away. A concierge service will make sure your files are correct and if an issue would arise, the concierge service will take care of it.

- rush service — a concierge service can make sure documents are filed quickly. When you need a document processed right away, and don’t have the time to do it yourself, that’s where a concierge service can come in. When you are already pressed for time, having the flexibility to use a rush service is a comforting factor.

- quick turnaround — similar to filing documents on your own, an advantage of concierge e-filing is also the quick turnaround time. By submitting documents electronically, the court system has your information faster and can process it quicker.

When you’re ready to file documents electronically, you don’t need to look any further than Commercial Process Serving, Inc.. E-filing is our specialty and we take pride in the work we do. When you trust Commercial Process Serving, Inc. with your e-filing needs you can expect accuracy and a quick turn-around, but also access to the documents you’ve filed or our concierge service filed. With our secured e-filing portal, you are assured a safe center to review and see the status of your documents.

With Commercial Process Serving, Inc., we’ve also made it easy for you to file payments. By using our client portal, you’ll be able to see your account and make any necessary payments all within our website.

When your business is ready to e-file, look no further than Commercial Process Serving, Inc. Contact us today to see how we can get started in helping you — 855-973-0833