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Tips to Keep Your Legal Files Organized

It can be a struggle to stay organized. Between countless documents for cases and ensuring files get to their proper designation, staying organized is not an easy task.

Below, the legal support service professionals at Commercial Process Serving, Inc. share tips and tricks workers can utilize to stay organized.

A document management system is one way to keep legal files organized. A document management system is a software that helps individuals manage and organize electronic documents. There are many different document management systems, so it's important to find one that fits the needs of the worker’s company.

Another way to organize legal files is to create a personal filing system. This may seem like an obvious solution, but it's often overlooked. Many law firms have complex filing systems that are difficult to navigate. If a worker can not find what they're looking for in a co-worker’s filing system, chances are good that it's not organized properly. Take the time to create a filing system that makes sense for the company - it will save employees time and frustration in the long run.

Paper File Problems

While many essential documents are digitized, there are multiple types of documents that are required on physical paper. A worker looking for a better organizational system can start with these two action items.

  • Itemizing Documents. If a current legal file system is not organized, an employee should inventory their documents by categorizing them. These categories could include a client’s name, motions, pleadings, or other correspondence types.
  • Clearing Out Old Files. It can be challenging to throw away old documents, especially those that contain personal client information. Individuals should review their jurisdiction’s rules about the length of time needed to keep old files or consider transferring older documents to an online filing system.

How Commercial Process Serving, Inc. Can Help Companies Keep Legal Files Organized

Workers looking for more tips on organizing their legal files better, or wishing for assistance with legal file organization, should contact Commercial Process Serving, Inc.. Our dedicated process serving team provides superior service to law firms and others looking to keep files more organized. Additionally, with Commercial Process Serving, Inc.’s concierge e-filing service, clients can be comforted knowing that their essential documents are transported to their proper destination.

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