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Selecting an eFiling Service Provider

Choosing an eFiling service provider is a crucial decision for legal professionals. That’s because documents need to be copied, transferred, and received correctly and timely for the courts and recipients. This process not being done right the first time or stalled for another reason can lead to unnecessary delays or setbacks that could be consequential to a case.

Whether organizations are looking into using an eFiling service provider for the first time or looking to switch from their current provider, it is critical to consider the following factors.


Along with eFiling services, providers typically offer additional beneficial amenities for legal organizations. When researching different eFiling service providers, review the other solutions the service provider delivers to see if your group can benefit from using one of the other services.

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Performance Metrics

A company may tout that they can provide certain services, but how can a customer feel confident? An eFiling service provider should be open about their turnaround times, success rates, guarantees, and what happens if an issue arises. Making this information readily available demonstrates that a company is willing to admit where it succeeds and how they react if a problem occurs.

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One way to feel confident about a business’s reliability is by learning the length of time they have been in business and how they operate. Businesses that recently opened may not have the same level of expertise as businesses that have been around for decades and have streamlined their operations to support new technologies as they are developed.

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Decision-makers with companies looking for eFiling services can read online reviews of the business to get an idea of what other customers have experienced or talk to others who have used a company’s services to see if they met the expectation of past customers.

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How Commercial Process Serving, Inc. Can Help Your Company

Make your job easier by utilizing an eFiling service provider such as Commercial Process Serving, Inc. Our dedicated team is ready to assist whether you are interested in being hands-on or hands-off in the eFiling process. Contact us today online or by phone. (855) 973-0833